Money in Thailand (THB or ฿)

As Thailand has a new king – Rama 10 – the design of our money has changed. Slowly the picture of Rama 9 is being replaced with notes that have a picture of Rama 10. However there is no need to be panic or run to the bank to exchange your older notes, as both notes are still in use. Bank of Thailand will collect the old ones by themself as much as possible, and some people will collect them for their own collection or sell it to collectors in the future.

Front – Thai Note

Money in Thailand

Back – Thai Note

Thai Note

As you can see from the photos Thai note has in total 5 different amounts

  1. 1,000 THB coming out soon on 28 July 2018
  2. 500 THB coming out soon on 28 July 2018
  3. 100 THB
  4. 50 THB
  5. 20 THB

And coins we have 6 different amounts

  1. 10 THB
  2. 5 THB
  3. 2 THB
  4. 1 THB
  5. 50 Satang
  6. 25 Satang

Money in Thailand 100 baht & 50 baht

Money in Thailand

King Bhumibol Adulyadej known as Rama IX

Money in Thailand

Author: Nat, GROUND Thailand

Photos from: Nat collection

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