COVID Safety Control Measures

We created a control measure checklist as a guideline about CLEANLINESS & HYGIENE protocols we expected from them. Our business suppliers need to apply the best practice, including restricting contact of items between guests, supplying sanitizer in all areas, and adapting their handling and service protocols.

Environmental Studies in Indonesia Features

Environmental Studies in Indonesia


Among our many educational travel programs, our environmental studies placement in Indonesia provides insights into the bridge between culture & the environment.


UN SDGs Now Integrated into All Khiri Campus Programs | Khiri Campus

Fourteen out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals have now been integrated into all educational travel & community engagement programs offered by Khiri Campus.

GROUND Asia staff training & team building

Khiri Campus Staff Training and Team Building | Khiri Campus


A sneak peek of Khiri Campus training and team building workshop in Mai Chau, in April 2019.

Why Students Should Travel Before University

Why Students Should Travel Before University | Khiri Campus

At GROUND Asia, we believe that travel before university presents transformational experiences for high school students while at a very impressionable age.

GROUND Asia and the IB

Khiri Campus and the IB | Khiri Campus


At GROUND Asia we deliver customized educational travel programs for students that can complement & enhance the IB curriculum & the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Who We Are and What We Do min

Who We Are and What We Do | Khiri Campus

At GROUND Asia, we work with local communities across Asia to create customized student travel programs that strengthen leadership skills and teach cross-cultural understanding.

How We Work With Schools to Customize Programs

How Khiri Campus Works With Schools to Customize Our Programs | Khiri Campus

At GROUND Asia, we work directly with schools to take on the hassle of organizing your students’ travel programs – giving you less to worry about.

Indonesia team

Meet the Team: GROUND Indonesia

Meet our team of local experts in Indonesia. They are all English speaking and serve as an excellent resource for tour directors and specialist guides.

From the Ground Up- The GROUND Asia Story

From the Ground Up: The GROUND Asia Story

The seeds of GROUND Asia were planted ten years ago in a small village in rural Cambodia. Today, we are one of Asia’s best educational travel companies.