Collaborative Program for a Healthier Indonesia

One of Khiri Campus’s flagship programs in Indonesia is the health program. In this program, Khiri Campus develops deep collaboration with various stakeholders because we want to assure sustainability in our programs. Khiri Campus works with governments, health workers, and the community to carry out both curative and preventive activities related to health.

How to Fundraise for Your Asia Community Service Project

We work closely with educators and students to help build meaningful customized community service projects. We understand that sometimes fundraising is a big step towards making trips a reality. Setting big fundraising numbers seems quite daunting, but the challenge can also motivate students to dig deep and meet their goals.

Community Development in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Kampong Kleang is located approximately 50 kilometers south of Siem Reap. The community is made of ten floating villages built on stilts. These floating houses are on the Tonle Sap lake, which floods annually: the lake overflows during the monsoon season and drains back into the Mekong River for the rest of the year.


Kindergarten Development Project in Chom Thong, Thailand


One of our ongoing community service learning projects focuses on Baan Boon Na in northern Thailand.


Benefits of Experiential Learning


Experiential learning provides students with real experiences outside the classroom from which they can develop lifelong practical skills and adapt quickly and pragmatically in problematic or unfamiliar situations.

Community Development & Cultural Studies in Mai Chau

Community Development and Cultural Studies in Mai Chau | Khiri Campus

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While taking part in our community service learning program in Mai Chau, students can take part in a development project while experiencing the local way of life.

Service Learning in Sri Lanka Packing List Main

Packing List for Service Learning Program in Sri Lanka | Khiri Campus

If you and your students are about to embark on your very first service learning program in Sri Lanka, here is my ultimate packing list of what to bring.

Coastal Ecosystem Restoration In Thailand

Coastal Ecosystem Restoration In Thailand | Khiri Campus


In this educational travel program, students will have the chance to help a rural fishing community in Thailand restore their marine and coastal ecosystems.

Rural School Renovations in Sri Lanka

Rural School Renovations in Sri Lanka | Khiri Campus


Our community service learning projects related to the development of rural schools can be incorporated into our educational travel programs to Sri Lanka.

Off the beaten track in Pu Luong Title

Off the beaten track in Pu Luong

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Our educational program through Northern Vietnam offers student the chance to get off the beaten track as they explore the mountainous region of Pu Luong.