Healthcare placement

Practical ECG Training – Healthcare Placements in Indonesia

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Indonesia’s diverse geographical condition, ranging from mountains to coastal areas, causes a wide variety of health conditions, and the lifestyles and diets of people from different ethnic backgrounds also have a unique impact on public wellbeing.

Peace Village and Rehab Hospital Healthcare Placement 1

Peace Village and Rehab Hospital Healthcare Placements in Vietnam

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Community development is Khiri Campus’s first priority and we take care to ensure all of our university placements and educational travel programs are both sustainable and responsible.

main First BioMed Placement in Sri Lanka

Khiri Campus Welcomes First BioMed Placement in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of the newest additions to GROUND Asia, providing educational travel programs for university and high school students across the country.


10 Benefits of GROUND Asia Programs

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The unique learning opportunities offered by educational travel can leave a lifelong legacy. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose GROUND Asia as your student travel provider.

Physiotherapy treatment in Friendship Village, Vietnam

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Australian students who came all the way from Melbourne had a great learning experience in Vietnam as they participated in physiotherapy treatment in Friendship village, Hanoi. Read more

Oral Health Placement in Cambodia

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The 2 weeks Oral Health placement is one of GROUND Health Care programs. This program enables a group of Oral Health faculty students to work together with local dentists for free teeth check-ups and mouth hygiene checks. The outreach program works with local NGOs in the dump area in Phnom Penh. Read more

Sports day at Autistic Centre, Nonthaburi

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We can see the development of the children, parents supporting their children, parents supporting
each other, children enjoyment and lots of love between people around them.
Read more

Supporting Communities in Rural North Vietnam

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GROUND groups not only equip the villages with necessary tools like pens, notebooks, blankets, etc. Read more

Nursing Placement in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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If people are living in a remote area where the health officers are not ready to treat you 24/7 or have to travel long distance for the patient in need, they need people from their own neighborhood to be trusted to take care of the sick people. Those people are called ‘kader’. Read more

Human Rights and Law Study Program in Cambodia


Khiri Campus offers human rights and law study program in Cambodia. The trip starts in Phnom Penh and finishes in Siem Reap.