Nursing Placement in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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If people are living in a remote area where the health officers are not ready to treat you 24/7 or have to travel long distance for the patient in need, they need people from their own neighborhood to be trusted to take care of the sick people. Those people are called ‘kader’.

Village’s kader does not have formal health education and they work voluntarily. To become a kader, they are trained and given basic knowledge by local health officers on how to give first aid or treatment for the sick people. They cannot treat people like a doctor but they are capable to help just in case of emergency. They also have the role to encourage people in their village to live healthy and spread the health awareness to prevent diseases.

In Nursing Placement with GROUND Indonesia, you will get the chance to work together with these kaders in rural area. You will learn about local health problems, the common diseases, local way to treat people, and also share about your health practice back home. The program will cover general health checkup, home visit, and disease prevention campaign for school children, elderly, and also people in general.

Plus, while you are doing activity with local kaders, you are accompanied by local health officers to make sure everything is done accordingly. Everyone can surely learn more fully from each other!


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