Meet Orangutan in Indonesia’s Borneo

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Do you know the meaning of ‘orangutan’? Orangutan is derived from two words in Malay and Indonesian language, ‘orang’ means person, and ‘utan’ means forest. Literally, orangutan means ‘people of the forest’. Therefore, these great apes are found in tropical forests, namely in two big islands of Indonesia: Sumatra and Kalimantan (also known as Borneo).

Sadly, the population of orangutans is declining and they are enlisted as endangered animals. This is because they face various challenges, like losing their habitat due to illegal logging, conversion of forest into plantation land, and conflict with humans where they are hunted for being considered as pests.


GROUND Indonesia is working with local community to take part in the orangutan conservation action. We are ready to invite students to enter orangutan’s habitat in the southern part of Borneo forest. There, students can perform various hands-on activities ranging from wildlife observation, forest succession, nursery, tree planting, as well as joining cultural activities by learning the traditional music and dance of local people, the Dayak tribe.


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