Authentic Thai Cooking Course

When you are talking about Thailand, the first thing that pops up in your mind probably might be the beautiful beaches in the south or the stunning views from the hills in the north.Thai food is another great reason to visit.

Thai people eat rice with the varieties of food like soup with other side dishes. Famous foods include “ Pad Thai” (Stir fried noodles) or Tom Yum Kung (Hot and Spicy soup with prawns) and a popular thing to do is learn to cook some of the local food.

In Northern Thailand GROUND groups can learn how to cook some less ‘mainstream’ Thai dishes at our local Thai Cooking Class. Here students get to cook and also learn about our secret ingredients.

In the morning, we will take you the local market and walk around there, learning and selecting all the local ingredients and vegetable which you only can see here.

Then we will bring you to our kitchen that everyone will have their own stove, pan, chopping board and knife and the lesson will begin. You will learn how to prepare the ingredients and cook your own dishes from scratch.



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