Creating a Vegetable Garden at Angkor Krav, Siem Reap


A GROUND group recently worked on a project to create vegetable farms at Angkor Krav School. They worked for a day prepping the soil, first they dug the soil then installed the posts around the site. Then using green netting they created a roof to protect the crops from the intense heat.

Angkor Krav School helps the kids in and around Angkor Krav Village. Most of the kids that come to this school are from handicapped and HIV families. These kids do not get much education because their families do not earn much money. The families spend most of the time selling some souvenirs to get money and some are asking money from tourism.

To help solve this problem the school is providing the education for next generation. So those kids can use their knowledge to make their family and their own lives better in the future. The kids learn Khmer and English without paying, this can help their parents to save money on school fees.

The vegetable at the school farm is made with the purpose to let kids learn how to love nature, using free time in the right way learning to work as a team and sharing what is produced. Kids come to school not just learn how to writing or reading but also to learn about practical skills as well.

The vegetable garden can be used by villagers to grow there own produce with the goal to sell it to other communities in and around Siem Reap town.


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